Friday, February 19, 2016

Ok.  So after a long hiatus, I am going to go back to writing this blog.  Maybe one day it will create a short story or a following but who knows.  It might not, but its a way for me to write and practice my typing. 

We now live in Kenai and are enjoying the tranquility that has come with it.  We just bought a piece of property that we are going to build a shop, house and barn on.  Pita and her new buddy will enjoy themselves!!!

Missy will be the perfect barn dog and will hopefully help to train our new puppy.  When we get it, we've talked about it a couple times.  D.O.G. is eight and probably by the end of the summer will be well versed to help train a puppy.

Charlie and I have acquired some sourdough starter and I am feeding it now and hope to have a loaf of bread in the oven tomorrow.  :-)

While I sit on the couch with my laptop on my lap, Missy has decided to lay on half of it.  Sometimes I swear she's an 8.3 pound cat.