Wednesday, December 21, 2011

D.O.G.'s first blind!

I have a retreiver in the making!  Last night after I got home, D.O.G. was giving me fits and wanted to go outside.  So I grabbed his outside bumper and threw it across the street.  Over the fence to Lake Hood.  When he hit the fence and saw that he couldn't get the bumper he gave a wine.  Soo...

I treked, no coat or cleats, around the corner (off lead of course) with him to retrieve the bumper.  I told him to go find his toy and walked along the street.  He swept the area and came back to me.  We moved farther down the street and I told him again to go find his toy.  Off he went and lo and behold!  He found the bumper!!! 

He came running back to me with it and we turned around to walk home, bumper proudly in his mouth at the heel position.

Last winter we went and did a little bit of retrieving work and last night really got me thinking about doing some more.  Just for fun of course...  But wouldn't be cool to have a Mutt with a Jr Hunt Test Title!!!

My sewing machine and I are argueing on tension and bobbins.  I guess I don't sew enough to fix it.  Hopefully Reihl Sew and Vac can fix it!  I've got stuff to make for Christmas! 

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  1. I would love to do more serious retrieving work with Ace. He is such a natural! And a bit nutty about it! I am not trained in how to train hunting dogs or any kind of competitive retrieving, but it sure is fun creating different challenges for my dog. He's done some successful blind retrieves as well. I think it's awesome! I'm also trying to teach him to follow my signals as far as pointing out the direction of the object. The hardest part is getting him to stop searching and actually pay attention to me.