Monday, November 28, 2011

Dog on the Mend

In case any of you don't know I spent Saturday the 19th of this month in the Pet Emergenery Clinic after Belle ate a bone that did agree with her stomach.  The bone was by Pur Luv and we found them at Pet Smart.  Within 12 hours she could not keep any food down and her stomach was so full of gas that it was causing her intestines to bunch in the back of her body. She had surgery for over two hours with a bill totally a little over $3,700.00.  After a week of recouperation and a bunch of rice, chicken and turkey she is now keeping dog food down and feeling better.  I have to keep her quiet the rest of the week and no stairs.  Not a problem since they are not allowed upstairs.  Dog free allergy zone!  But I slept on the couch most of last week in order to be with her.  Charlie was able to spend a day with her too and she really loved that! 

Belle has 21 staples that will be coming out next weekend.  She'll roll over for bellie rubs and is loving having a lunch! 

Cuation to all my dog owning friends.  The vets told me that they see this type of impaction with Greenie Dog Treats as well as now with the Pur Luv Bones.  Just watch your dog and know that even if you think it is ok, it might not be. 

Wish me luck on keeping her quiet this week and D.O.G. exercised!

I know its dark, but this is Belle's stomach last Monday when she first came home. 

Now its much whiter and healing beautifully.  However her whole belly area is shaved.

Love you girl!

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