Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You know your dog is spoiled when...

You go to leave in the morning and tell them to go lay down.  One dog hops up on the couch and the other goes across the living room to its bed and lays down. 

This morning really amazed me by how well dogs learn and how quickly they learn.  When leaving the house this morning both Belle and D.O.G. were by the door wanting to go.  I told them to "go lay down."  Belle turns around and hops up on the end of the couch.  D.O.G. looks at her walks over to their beds and lays down and looks at me.  I had to laugh at how spoiled we have made our dogs.  Belle gets the couch while D.O.G. gets the floor.  However I know for a fact that not five minutes after I left he was on the couch with her.

The real reason behind Belle hopping on the couch is its closest to the door.  Its also the easiest place to put her when you are trying to leave.  No treats were necessary to teach her to hop on the couch.  She loves being on the couch.  So my dogs are spoiled.  No doubt about it.  Love them dearly and I wouldn't change a single thing about them!  :-)

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